Writing Resume 2018 – 5 Things You Should Avoid Doing

Do you know what the things to avoid in writing a resume in 2018 are? If not, you should stay tuned, as today’s post unveils the five things that kill your chances to enter a dream company that you are targeting for. Because it is deceptively easy committing mistakes but difficult to fix the mistakes that can make a bad impression about you, you should learn of the things to delete or eliminate if you have them on your resume. Read on.

Writing Resumes 2018: Five Things to Avoid Doing

  1. Grammatical and typo errors: These can show lack of care in what you are doing, and so you should not ruin your application by committing even a single spelling mistake even for the simplest terms including ‘finance, sales, marketing and business management,’ to name some. To avoid it, proofread and edit your resume several times before submission.
  2. Vague and lacking specifics: The employer asks for your resume so that he can learn more about you and things you can do. if you would just claim this and that and you don’t back them up with proofs and figures, then what’s the use? Avoid writing vague statements that don’t add anything to your application.
  3. Some job applicants fail to customize a resume per job application, and think that a one size fits all works in most cases. Do not recycle your resume and use and send it to all the jobs you are applying to. Instead, tailor it based on the job posting and qualification requirements of the employer. Some applicants send the same exact resume to all because they want to send multiple job applications to several companies. This is wrong, as your efforts may just all go in vain. In fact, the best thing you can do, instead, is to use a specific resume or tailor an existing on the job application to improve your chances of getting an interview invitation.
  4. Highlighting duties and not accomplishments: Employers are well versed on what you are doing per specific role, so do not give him a never-ending description. Instead, highlight your specific achievements within a timeframe. For example, increased the company sales by 10 percent within years from 2015-2018. However by saying that you have to highlight your accomplishments do not mean you have to include even those irrelevant to this application. Be sure, therefore, to list down only those impressive, related job accomplishments you have had.
  5. Writing too short or too long: You should not write very long that will bore your reader, and the same thing, you should not write too short to give an employer an incomplete look about you. You should choose writing a resume in 2015 length based on your skills and career level. Nevertheless, though, keep your resume to one or two pages only.

There you have some tips for writing a resume in 2018 to follow if you want to increase your chances of getting an interview invitation and going a step further in the job application. Finally, do not send your resume unless you read and reread it to check for consistency, flow and grammar correctness. Good luck in your application, but be sure to learn more tips in writing resumes 2015-18!