Why Professional Resume Format Is So Important

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Think you can write a good resume? Many people do, but because hiring managers and recruiters insist that they’re receiving more poorly written resumes now than ever before, the truth is that few of us can actually knock off a top quality resume that will guarantee us an interview. It is also vital to know about writing KSAs to show yourself as a unique and hardworking person.

The sad fact of the matter is that few of us understand the need for a professional resume format. Yet a professional resume format is just as important as a well written resume – if not more important. Don’t forget to submit your resume into the the US Jobs Help Center. Your resumes format is the backbone and the foundation to a well written essay, and if the format is wrong, the rest of the essay will follow suit.

Think of it like a house: When we build a house, we lay down a foundation first. If the foundation is all wrong, we’ll end up with the leaning tower of Pisa, no matter how brilliant our brickwork is.

So if your resume is in need of some major surgery, let’s take a look at the reasons why a professional resume is so important.job resume format tips

Without the Correct Job Resume Format, Your Resume Won’t Even Be Seen by a Human

This sounds like something out of sci-fi movie doesn’t? I mean, a human not even taking a look at your resume? Well, if a human doesn’t look at it, who does?!

Actually, the first thing you need to pass is an automation process. This electronic scanner basically scans your resume to look for any faults. If your resume is incorrectly formatted, the electronic scanner will flag it and your resume will be ditched in the “No” pile.

As a consequence, your resume will be kicked into touch before a pair of human eyes have even taken a look at it.

Without a Professional Resume Format, a Hiring Manager Won’t Want to Read It

correct job resume formatHiring managers are busy people. A few years ago, they might have received 100-200 applications for a single job post. But thanks to the advent of the Internet and online applications, hiring managers now have to wade through thousands of applications for job posts. And because some freelance positions are always vacant – such as writers for a magazine – hiring managers are constantly being deluged with brand new resumes.

This means they don’t have much time on their hands for the resumes that come without the proper resumes format. It essentially means that the wrong format is the first type of resume that gets eliminated from the process. So if your resume’s format is messy, ugly and just completely wrong, the hiring manager is going to say “No” before they’ve even got to the good stuff. Whether you’re the strongest candidate or not simply doesn’t matter if your job resume format is incorrect.

Without a Professional Resume Format, You Could Miss out on Your Dream Job

A job resume format could be the difference between you landing an interview and not landing an interview. That’s how important it is. Hiring managers and recruiters only care to read more about you if you’ve taken the time to sort the format out first. If you haven’t, they’re simply going to dismiss your application.

You see, they want a reason to read through your cover letter or resume; they want a well-presented job resume format that encourages them to read on. If your resumes format is presented badly, they’ll assume you’re lazy and not up to the job. So rather than let this happen, why not give yourself a better chance by getting clued-up on how to implement a professional resume format according to governmental careers requirements?

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