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You might not realise it, but the CV format required by hiring managers and recruiters is updated each year. This means that what was the right CV format last year won’t be the right format this year.

The reasons for this are pretty simple: Businesses want to speed up the recruitment process, and to make sure it works more efficiently, the CV format is constantly being modified and refined so that hiring manager’s can wade through the applications quicker than ever.

Largely, this is because more and more of us are applying for the same jobs. Thanks to the explosion of the Internet and the rise of online applications, hiring managers and recruiters are receiving more applications per job than ever before. So to make sure they separate the wheat from the chaff with greater speed, the CV format 2019 is updated constantly so as to make their job easier. To make sure that you’re clued up with the latest CV format 2019, check out our list of what’s new.

Use Keywords For Best CV Format 2019

We’re living in the age of keywords. Web content relies on keywords to be seen, and your resume relies on keywords to make sure it gets viewed by a pair of human eyes.

Each job ad contains keywords. You need to make a note of these and work them creatively into your resume. If you do not, the hiring manager won’t even get a chance to read your CV.

This is because our CV’s now enter an automation process before they fall into the hands of recruiters. They have to pass an electronic scanner that is on the lookout for keywords; if it doesn’t detect any, your CV will go straight into the “No” pile.

Keywords are included in job ads, and recruiters want you to use them to show that you have read the job ad thoroughly, and that you are the right candidate for them. If they want a “go-getter”, they want you to tell them that you’re a go-getter.

Top tip: Don’t overdo the use of keywords and use them in the correct context.

cv format tipsWrite Eye-Catching Headlines For Best CV Format 2019

Remember that time you clicked on an article about exploding sheep? You clicked on it because the headline grabbed you:


Come on, who wouldn’t click on that?

Okay, so that headline and article is made up, but headlines grab our attention and make us read on. CV format 2018 now allows us to include eye-catching headlines in our CV’s.

These headlines could be something as simple as “I cut sales cycle by 30%”. If you’re applying for a job in sales, any hiring manager is going to be drawn to this headline and they’re going to want to read on.

A CV without headlines could look rather tepid and boring.

Include Your Social Media Profiles For Best CV Format 2019

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We’re living in the age of keywords, but we’re also living in the age of social media. If you fail to include links to your social media profiles in your CV, you could be doing yourself a disservice. If hiring managers and recruiters are a little curious about you and are interested in what you’ve got to offer, they might want to find out a little more about you. And a great way for them to do this is by perusing your social media profiles.

Your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts can showcase not just your vibrant personality (in ways that a CV simply can’t), but they can also showcase your expert knowledge of the industry. Hiring managers love to see this kind of thing; they love to see that you know what you’re talking about, and social media profiles show them things a CV doesn’t. It is worth mentioning that HR managers are likely to approve officially accepted cv formatting.

Top tip: All your peers are including their social media profiles in their CV’s; include yours so you won’t be left behind.

Stay tuned if you are interested in modern resume formats 2019.

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