What’s New For 2019 Resume Format

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Resume formats are changing all the time. To stay ahead of the game, and to make sure that you secure an interview for a job you’re desperate to land, you need to keep updating your 2019 resume format. Sure, that resume you had back in 2008 might have landed you a great job, but the chances are that the format you used back then is now redundant. So rather than continuing to party like it’s 2008, it’s high time that you take a look at our tips to get yourself an updated resume format 2019. And trust us, it’s never enough to simply check how to write a resume at one place. Try comparing several sources for the vest result.

Keep Things Short

Remember the resume you used back in 2008? The paragraphs were pretty chunky weren’t they, and the sentences were quite long. You thrived off the adage that “more is better.” After all, the more you had to say about yourself, the better the chances that you’d be impressing the hiring manager.

These days, things are different. Hiring managers and recruiters don’t want chunky paragraphs, and they don’t want to see long sentences that are just waffle. They want you to keep things brief and concise. They want you to shoot from the hip, keep things short and sharp. They want bullet points instead of huge paragraphs. It essentially makes your 2019 resume format look readable, and it means they don’t have to spend ages reading through it all.

resume formatting tipsUse Catchy Headlines for Best 2019 Resume Format

Headlines grab attention. If you write, “Excellent seller who boosted sales revenue by 17%” in a headline, you’re drawing their attention to your talents.

Sometimes we tend to bury our skills amidst a sea of too much writing, but by using headlines, you’re getting to the good stuff straight away. Headlines will engage the reader, and will encourage them to keep reading. The key is to just not overdo the use of headlines, and to use them at appropriate moments.

Lose The Objective Statement for Updated Resume Format 2019

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Your 2008 resume format might open with an objective statement, but hiring managers don’t want to see them anymore. An objective statement was basically an experiment that failed, and they’re now the scourge of resumes. If a hiring manager sees an objective statement on your resume, they’re going to assume you’re just not clued up on things. Lose it.

Include Your Social Media Profiles for Top 2019 Resume Format

If you’ve got a strong online presence, you can now include links to your social media profiles in your updated resume format 2019. Everyone else who is in the know when it comes to 2019 resume format are including theirs, so to make sure that you stay up with the competition, you need to start including yours too.

Because the truth is that a resume only says so much about who you are and what you can offer; your twitter and LinkedIn profiles can fill in the gaps for employees, showcasing your personality and skills, and convincing them that you’re the right candidate for the job.

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