What It Takes to Write Resumes in 2018 – the Do’s and Don’ts

resumes in 2015-18If you want to come up with great resumes 2018, then you should learn some tips and tricks on how to avoid the don’ts and apply the dos in the application. As you know, there are certain things that can make or break your application, depending on how well you would do in your resume, and for that matter, you may want to know about these tips below.

Dos and Don’ts in Resume in 2015-18

To get started right, you should know that you have some objectives in writing your resume for this year, and three of the major ones include: to be found on automated searches, to be selected for an interview by the hiring manager and to convey a compelling picture of your professional assets and value. Therefore, it is imperative that you would comply with the recent trends and that you should be guided by your goals of capturing the attention of the employer. Here are some dos and don’ts to remember.


  • Tailor your resume based on your personal brand and your career level. More importantly, you should also customize based on your industry. Without even saying, the resumes in 2018 should be adjusted based on application and industries.
  • First page should be worthy to stand on its own. Be sure to focus and come up with only a page resume that can stand alone. Although you are not asked to force your resumes in 2018 in one page, this is the standard to follow. In this case, you may want to give everything that the employer has to know in one look.
  • Write a quick summary of yourself in the first section! This will be able to highlight your specialties and skills in the first part. Mention the size of the group you are handling and so on.
  • For quick reading, use bullets instead of paragraphs helping you make great resumes 2018 by making important points easily locatable.


  • Do not exceed to five bullets per resume section, as too many of bullet points can be worse and break your application. Do not use more than three of them per section.
  • Do not let a single typographical error ruin your chances.
  • Do not bother listing your high school if you have college education.
  • Do not make use of a controversial, weird email address; instead, a user business-like email address that can be taken seriously.
  • Do not write the objective section anymore, according to experts in great resume samples 2015.
  • Do not use jargon or proprietary acronyms—a big no-no if you would like your points to be understood and not misinterpreted.
  • Do not use multiple personalities in your resume! You have to be self-confident but you don’t have to lie and try to impress.

There you have some dos and don’ts to remember if you would like to get noticed in your application. Do not miss the chance of landing your dream job by looking into these tips to be on the right path.

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