Special Features of Resume Format 2019

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Struggling to get an interview? You could be forgiven for thinking there is something wrong with your resume. Perhaps there are a few grammar mistakes in there that you didn’t quite spot the first time around. Perhaps there are even a few spelling errors that just didn’t go down all that well. Or perhaps you just didn’t sell yourself well enough.

The chances are, though, that what is letting you down is an outdate resume format. You see, resume format 2019 is a brand new resume format that has replaced the old one. Resume formats are changing each year in a bid to make the hiring process more efficient, and unless you get clued up on the latest resume format 2019, you’ll continue to struggle to land an interview.

latest resume format 2018 tipsKeep Things Short And Sweet For Best Resume Format 2019

One of the fundamental problems with your current resume format is that everything is just too darn long winded. If your paragraphs are too big and your sentences too long, it just looks like waffling to a hiring manager and it looks unreadable. Because hiring managers and recruiters are so short on time, they like to see resumes that are short and sweet, and which get to the point with snappy sentences and brief paragraphs.

So you need to go back to your resume and trim the fat. Use bullet points to say in a few sentences what you previously said in 50 sentences. Use headlines to draw their attention, and keep your paragraphs limited to just four sentences at the most.

Quantify Your Achievements For Top Resume Format 2019

Okay, so you’re a “great seller”. That’s nice. A hiring manager will love that.

Well, they used to love that back in 2010. But we’re not in 2010 now, and things have changed. Hiring managers don’t want to read that you’re a great seller – they want to see some evidence, some results – some numbers. So rather than telling them, you need to show them in the form of some numbers. If you increased productivity at the workplace by 30%, show it!

Include an URL to Your Website for Latest Resume Format 2019

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If you happen to have a professional website that is home to your portfolio, you should include its URL in your resume. Everyone else is doing this, and it’s a perfect chance to showcase your skills. Moreover, if a hiring manager is interested in you, they will look you up online. So rather than running the risk of them stumbling onto some social media profile you really didn’t want them to see, you can guide them in the direction of your website. Just make sure it’s updated and that it shows what you’re all about. Your website could be the final nudge they need to grant you an interview.

Always Put a Company’s Name First for Best Resume Format 2019

Before writing your resume read carefully the federal resume sample. If you’ve worked for a huge company in the past, such as Google, their company name has to go before your job title. We’re not saying this simply for good etiquette – we’re saying it because a company as big as Google is likely to make a good impression on a hiring manager. It’s a simple trick, but it’s hugely effective and will retain the readers’ interest.

For a flawless professional resume format check the best resume formats 2019 out.