Resume Writing 2018 – Comparison of Old and New Trends

resume trends 2018
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It is important to know the new trends in writing the resume and to know the old trends. Knowing the old trends will help you to know what you should not include. The new trends will be your kind to present an exceptional resume.

Resume Writing 2018

  • Brevity and conciseness: In your resume, you need to provide conciseness and brevity because it is important. Since you want a targeted resume, you need to brand yourself. You should market yourself wherein your resume should be easy to follow.
  • Start at the end: Do not overwhelm yourself because you need to look at the bottom of your resume. Professional training, awards and workshops is a quick way in adding something current.
  • Where you have been: Ask yourself if it is relevant to include such information in your resume. If it is not important, then do not include it.
  • Include: if you have new accomplishments and projects, you need to write it on your resume. Do not include details that are not important.
  • Proofread: One of the mistakes of applicants is that they submit their resume without reading it again. Reading again your paper will help you to check for mistakes. You need to check whether you write the spelling of the university correctly if there are misspelled words and others. Proofreading is a key for a success output that is why you should not forget it.

2018 Resume Writing Formats

  • Chronological: It includes a list of work history which begins from the recent job. You can use it when your work experience is in line with your job objective. Your job titles are impressive and want to highlight career advances.
  • Functional: Use it when you want to change the field, if you have great skills but not much work experience and acquired skills through your unpaid experience.
  • Combination: It utilizes both chronological and functional resume wherein you will use when you acquired numerous skills on 1 or several jobs.
  • Targeted: This type of resume is focus on specific abilities as well as duties related to specific job.

2018 Resume Writing Trends

  • Update: You need to always update your resume and follow the latest format or template to present wonderful resume.
  • Job facts: Presenting job facts with the work you had in the past in important.

Old and new resume:

Old Resume:

  • The old resume is black and white
  • Have summary or objective section
  • It includes references

New resume:

  • It is targeted
  • It is not essential to include summary or objective section
  • Applicants can customize their resume by using cool fonts and color
  • Using graphs and chart is also suggested

There are the important resume suggestions 2018 you need to know in writing your resume. If you do not write a resume for a long time, it is not a problem because you always have a guide and tips to follow. What you should do is to follow the new trend and always update your resume. Hiring managers and employers want an appealing and striking resume so provide what they are looking for.