Proper Resume Format 2018

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Don’t submit an outdated but an updated resume format for 2018 that will help you gain an exposure, increasing your chances of being hired for the job. If you don’t know how to start with your resume, check out these tips and tricks prepared for you so that you can be in the right direction when writing your CV.

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Professional Resume Format 2018

  • Most employers want to receive your file in either .docx or PDF version. For a more pleasing 2018 CV format, use the PDF format, which is also printer-friendly. However, some ATS or applicant tracking systems cannot parse documents in PDF file; others cannot parse .doc, too. The best route to go is to use the .docx file format.
  • The professional resume format 2018 also comes in three formats, namely the chronological, functional and hybrid formats.

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  • Chronological focuses on the employment history, listing them from the newest to the oldest
  • Functional focuses on the skills, especially used by those with employment gaps, those who have been terminated in the past or those looking to change careers
  • Hybrid resumes are those that use both features found in the chronological and functional formats
  • The proper resume format 2018 has to be easy for both the computer and the human eyes to read. Therefore, you will really have to focus on formatting your paper properly so that it can be easily read by ATA and that you can gain your needed exposure.
  • Optimize your CV for the best results. Use industry-related keywords that will give you the edge of having your resume noticed better by the employers because you can show that you have what it takes to handle the job with your skills. Applying for a federal job you need to know specific federal resume requirements.

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Why Use the Proper Resume Format 2018

Creating an ideal format for your application can help you increase your chances to be called for an interview because it clearly shows your skills for the job, especially if you would use the right keywords to highlight such skills that the employer can easily see. So for the best results, remember to use proper resume format 2018 that will help you land the job. Finally, check your resume for any mistakes that might ruin your job-seeking journey.

Don’t hesitate to ask for further advice on proper resume format 2018!