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If you’re struggling to get an interview for all the jobs you apply for, the first thing you should take a look at is your resume. Because the chances are that it isn’t you that is at fault – it’s the way you’re presenting your resume and selling yourself. Indeed, if your resume format is incorrect, your resume won’t even be read by the hiring manager, but will instead be filtered out an automation process. So if you’re looking for a new job, it’s better to hire specialists who know all ins and outs of your specific field. You can rely on narrow services like accounting resume writing services to make a good and actual resume. There is, quite literally, nothing worse than an outdated resume.

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That’s how important nailing the modern resume format 2019 is. It doesn’t matter how many degrees you’ve got or how much experience you’ve built up over the years, without implementing the correct resume formats 2019, your resume won’t pass the first test, but will instead be dumped in the “No” pile almost immediately. So to get yourself clued-on on the recent resume format 2019, check out our hints and tips.

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Keep It Short and Simple for Best Modern Resume Format 2019

One of the biggest trends abounding for recent resume format 2019 is short and sweet technique. Okay, it isn’t really a technique, but everything about a resume is getting shorter in a bid to neaten things up and to make the hiring manager’s job easier.

You see chunky paragraphs and lengthy sentences used to be something we did back in 1995. The more information we gave out, the better the chance we’d have of impressing a recruiter. But things are different these days. If a recruiter wants to find out more about you, they’ll head over to your LinkedIn profile or your Twitter handle.

With your resume, you should instead focus on the essentials only – and you should focus on your presentation. This means shorter paragraphs that contain bursts of information, and it means the use of bullet points to condense information. Hiring managers don’t have the time to read through rows and rows of text; they want info in short, sharp bursts, and they want to see numbers, such as “I increased growth revenue by 50%.”

They don’t want to see an overuse of meaningless words, such as motivated, passionate, driven, energetic.

recent resume format 2018 promptsUse Numerics and Colours for Best Resume Formats 2019

Yes! You can now use color on your resume. Back in 1995, everything had to be black and white. The Bold and italic typeface wasn’t allowed, whilst bullet points were frowned upon. Find out more about current resume format 2019 here.

But that was 1995 when hiring managers were stuffy and pedantic. It was also at a time when online applications didn’t exist, which essentially meant there were fewer applications to be read.

These days, things like numerics, bold and italic typeface to emphasize your strengths, and colors to draw attention to headlines are your weapons. Use them creatively – and use them sparingly – to bolster your resume and make it more powerful and more eye-catching. After all, because you are up against hundreds, perhaps thousands of fellow applicants, you need to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

Include Your Social Media Profiles for Best Recent Resume Format 2019


You want to be in trend, right? Then include your social media profiles on your resume! Everyone else is doing it, which means you need to do it too.

Okay, we’re not saying that you should include a link to your Facebook profile in your resume (because you really don’t want a hiring manager to see those photo’s of you see stumbling out of a club on a work night), but we are suggesting that you include links to your professional Twitter and LinkedIn profiles – if you have them, of course. What necessarily needs to be in your resume can be seen in approved resume examples.

And if you don’t have them, we suggest getting them because one of the reasons resumes are getting shorter and more concise is because hiring managers can venture onto your professional online profiles to find out more about you. Your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts are great for showcasing your personality, as well as your skills and diverse interests.

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