Mistakes To Avoid in Executive Resumes

Committing mistakes in an executive resume 2019 is one of the worst things you can do because it can ruin your application, while failing to help you show the real benefits that you can offer for an organization. To avoid such blunders, check out the following mistakes in executive assistant resume so that you can stay in the right direction.

Executive Resumes Mistakes

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  • Merely highlighting on the job duties and responsibilities and not on the accomplishments in a particular position- If you want the newest resume format, don’t merely highlight your work history, but show off your value with the accomplishments you have.
  • Merely using a functional resume- If you want an effective resume, don’t just list your key skills for the job, but make sure to focus on the things that display how these skills delivered for the position you handled.
  • Not using a title or position on top of the latest resume format – Many job seekers, in their executive resumes, fail to give themselves a title. To fix this issue, make a compelling headline or title that instantly grabs the reader’s attention. Don’t just state a general title, such as accounting, but use a specific title, such as Management of recordkeeping that has more impact.
  • Too short or too long executive resumes- If you want to capture the reader’s attention, create a concise resume that gives them the information they need without them having to read a too short or too long resume. Keep your resume to up to two pages only.
  • Submitting a generic resume for all applications- Some job seekers fail to show off their real worth because of sending a mediocre, not customized resume. Tailor a resume using the most effective keywords for the specific application, answering the requirements of the employer as stated in the advertisement. You may also want to get acquainted with executive resumes in word and pdf format.

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How to Avoid Executive Resume Mistakes?

  • Submit only correct and honest information.
  • Proofread your resume several times in order to exclude all grammar and stylistic mistakes.
  • Put equal emphasis on your past accomplishments & work experience and on the future plans and goals.
  • Write specific resumes for different companies including their background, becoming that specific person they seek.

There you have the executive resume mistakes to avoid in job applications 2019. Don’t forget about the fixes mentioned above to be in the right direction when writing your CV for executives.

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