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There is no doubt about it – resumes are getting worse. Hiring managers and recruiters say they’re seeing more and more poorly written resumes, and that this is the absolute worst epidemic they’ve ever experienced. The upshot? It means that if you write an ace resume, you’ll be pretty much guaranteed a job interview. Hurrah!

Naturally, writing an ace resume is not that simple; if it was, hiring mangers wouldn’t have to wade through so many poor written resumes. To help you write a better resume today and take a step closer to a brand new job, take a look at our top resume tips 2019.

Format Your Resume Correctly

Did you know that if your resume isn’t formatted correctly it won’t actually get seen by a pair of human eyes? Instead, an electronic scanner will detect that it is poorly formatted and slip it into the “No” pile before the hiring manager has even seen it. So, even if you have written the best resume in the world and sold yourself better than anyone else, you don’t stand a chance if you’ve got a poor format.

Your resume format is your foundation and it’s one of the best resume writing tips 2019. To make sure you’ve got the correct format, you need to employ a logical format that comes with wide margins, as well as clear headings and clean type. Your paragraphs need to be short, and you should save it in the correct file – preferable as a .doc, though most hiring managers these days request a .pdf too. And do not forget about modern resume formats 2019.brief resume tips 2018

Top Resume Tips 2019: Keep It Short

Ever entered a website only to be met by rows and rows of chunky text in one HUGE paragraph? It’s a little off-putting isn’t it? There are no sub-headers, no use of bold and italic, and certainly no bullet points. Rather than bother reading it all to get to the stuff that matters, you leave the website.

You need to think of this when you write your resume. You see, hiring managers don’t want to see big, chunky paragraphs that are just way too long. They want a resume that looks readable and that is easy on the eye. This means short paragraphs, the use of bullet points to highlight important points, as well as the implementation of bold and italic typeface.

Resume Writing Tips 2019: Discuss Accomplishments

Rather than simply list your job descriptions, you should also detail your accomplishments. If a hiring manager is looking for a problem solver, you need to sell the fact that you’re a problem solver by noting down how you solved a problem for a previous company. This will give the hiring manager a clearer idea of what you’re all about, and it may be the right kind of push needed for them to give you an interview. Simply focusing on what your job was just isn’t enough these days – you need to tell us what you did in the job. What did you achieve?

Resume Tips 2019: Quantify Your Accomplishments

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Oh, you’re motivated, passionate and driven are you?

So are a million other people.

These days, some universities want their students to get acquainted with the basics of resume structure. In Cornell, students are shown typical resume samples. hiring managers don’t want to know that you’re a motivated person. It’s just a word that anyone can stick on a resume. It’s a general claim that has no validation. Instead, you need to seek to quantify your accomplishments by using numbers to back up your claims. If you improved sales at your previous company, give us some numbers. If growth revenue was increased under your duress, by what percentage did it increase?

Improve your resume by following resume tips 2019 and don’t hesitate to ask for more tips and help from experts!