Don’t let Outdated Resume Holding you Back – Updated Nursing Resume 2018

nursing resume examples 2018A winning resume helps you to be noticed and get the position you want. It helps you to increase your chance and as said, a strong resume helps you negotiate and command a high salary. Always do your best to attract desirable job offers.

Nursing Resume Examples 2018: Best Resume Tips for Nurses

  • Professional affiliations: In this part, you need to include necessary information like the affiliation name, offices held, date of admission and a brief description of your role or reasons why you chose the company.
  • Awards, Special assignments, Honors: A nurse resume must need to have details about any awards and honors you gathered. Management resume examples 2018 include awards and honors from work, school, professional affiliations, volunteer work as well as social clubs.
  • Special nursing education: In this, you should give information such as the name of the university, degree earned, completion date and the city and the state.
  • Nursing license: It is recommended that you should include licenses such as the license type, licensing state body, license expiration date, a name of the license, license number. Some applicants do not want nursing license number but it is a public record and providing the license number makes the recruiter job easier.
  • Availability: It is best to convey the shifts you are willing to work. Would you like to work 8, 10 or 12-hour shifts? Including your availability is helpful for job inquiries. It is essential to indicate your willingness and you add it on the professional summary.
  • Computer experience: Showing about your computer experience is important because it has a value on your application. You need to demonstrate your computer skills especially if you lack skills with EMRs and EHRs.
  • Facility type: You need to know the exact designation of facilities you have worked for. Also, if you worked on Trauma Hospital, you need to indicate this or when you worked on teaching hospital, you need to include this information.

Nursing Resume Examples 2018: Show Your Nursing Experience

It is essential that you show about your nursing experience because there are employers who are seeking for applicants who have experience instead of those freshers. Show what you have earned, how it helped you, provide specific details about and other needed information.

Nursing Resume Template 2018

  • Complete name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • A brief summary of your experience, your qualification, and your focus.
  • Professional experience: In this section, you need to provide the name of the hospital, a date on the day you started and resigned as well as your past responsibilities.
  • Education: Provide the name of the school, the degree you completed, the GPA, any awards or honors you earned and city and state.

If you want the best resume, you need to update it all the time. You should know what you will include in your resumes such as the skills, the achievements, and the education. These things are essential in the resume so do not forget to include it on your paper. When you know what you are doing, you should get started today!