Choose the Best Resume Format 2018 Depending on the Job You Are Applying To

resume format 2018
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There are certain tips to remember for using the best resume format 2018, as not all formats may work across industries, and because there are many formats, it would be wise to select the right type depending on the type of job you are applying to. Check out this post to learn of the correct formatting for resume 2018 to use when applying for a new position this year.

Resume Formatting 2018

Chronological format: As the name implies, this is the format preferred by many recruiters because this works for people who have a traditional career path, or those who, possibly, have straight years of working or those who have a steady work history in at least one field. This may also work to those who have a solid progression in accomplishments and titles related to their field. This resume formatting 2018 usually highlights not the job skills but the solid years of career experience.

Who can use it? This may work for you if you are planning to stay in the same industry and if you last employer is well known. It may also work if the organization where you are applying to rely on applicant tracking systems for finding new workers.

However, you may want to skip this format if you have transferable skills and you change employers or companies frequently; if you have breaks in between jobs; and if you have no related work experience in job target.

Functional Resume Format 2018

Unlike the first, this type of format usually emphasizes on the achievements and skills you have rather than on your job history and experience. It may work if you don’t have a traditional career path and you shift from one industry to another. Usually this type of resume format 2018 omit job dates and experience.

Who can use it? This format may work if you are planning to re-enter the market after absence or gaps in your work history. You may also use it if you want to make big career changes or applying as an entry level worker.

It also works if you want to focus on your abilities, knowledge and skills from a wide range of non-related jobs. On the other hand, skip it if you have lack relevant experience and your career goals are unclear that they won’t impress employers. You should also avoid it if you have acquired growth in a field to be shown.

Hybrid Resume Format 2018

Also called a combination resume, this format uses both the functional and chronological formats. This can focus on your achievements and skills, while at the same time showing off your good employment history, too.

Who can use it? You may if you want to highlight wide range of non-relevant job history and when your work experience varies from the career path you want. You may also use it if the job you are applying to is freelance or a contract. You may skip this, however, if you were applying in a traditional company and your skills are unclear to match client or employer expectations.

As you see, resume formatting 2018 varies and shall be used depending on your work history and the things you want to highlight in your CV or resume.