Current Resume Format 2019

Why Is It Important to Have the 2019 Best Resume Format?

Whether you are writing a college student resume or applying to be a CEO you need to ensure that your resume shows you in the best possible light. This is your first impression and it must be amazing if you are going to impress the recruiter and be invited to interview. Your current resume format 2019 must be capable of presenting your information in a way that is going to show that you are everything that the recruiter wants and more in just a brief scan.

What Are the 2019 Resume Format Trends?

If you are looking for the best resume format for 2019 then you will want to know how things have been changing and developing in your industry and role. Whether you are using Indeed, Monster, or Glassdoor you will need to ensure that your current resume format 2019 is capable of making the right impression. The areas that you need to keep in mind for 2019 cover the following:

  • Clear and easy to read: this means having open margins, white space before all of the different sections, and simply decluttering your resume to make it easy to scan.
  • Easy to read text: you should never make the mistake of reducing font size to cram more on the page or using fancy scripts to make it look pretty. Your writing must be easy to read fonts in 12pt size.
  • Link to your online presence: your resume was once seen as all that you had to offer, today however you need to have a consistent message across many different profiles and links from one to the next.
  • Benefits and achievements not responsibilities: you want to show clearly what you have to offer the recruiter not what the roles were that you have been in.
  • No objectives: the recruiter does not want to know what you want from the role or your future ambitions. They want to know what you have to offer so use a summary to show off your best achievements.

What Is the Right Resume Format in 2019?

You will want to know if your current resume format 2019 is the right one for you. The following are the main formats that you can use and when they should be applied:

  • Chronological format: this is by far the most commonly used format that applicants use and requires you to list your experience from most recent backwards in time. This allows you to demonstrate your job progression and that you have had a good stable work history. It does not however work so well if you have any significant gaps in your employment or if you have had many different jobs.
  • Functional format: this style of resume focuses far more on your skills and achievements rather than listing your employment. This makes it ideal for those who do have gaps in their history or that have limited work experience such as recent graduates or those that are looking to change their role or industry. Some recruiters however dislike this style and see it as a method of hiding something.
  • Combination format: this style of format seeks to blend the two other formats together by highlighting the skills that the applicant has to offer while still providing the more traditional list of experience in the workplace. This is seen as more acceptable by most recruiters and is ideal for those who may have been in multiple roles or that are an older worker.

entry level resume format 2019 sample

Mistakes to Avoid with Your Resume Writing

Any issues with your resume will provide the recruiter with an excuse to put your application aside in favour of another. It is therefore vital to understand just what mistakes you should be looking to avoid within your resume writing or making college student resume:

  • Never include a photograph: unless you are an actor or a model you will want to avoid this. It takes up space and there is an 88% rejection rate if you use one.
  • Using contact information that is out of date: while this may sound obvious it is surprisingly common that applicants fail to update things like phone numbers.
  • Using inappropriate email addresses: what may have been funny during college is simply not acceptable for the job world. Have something based on your name and your role if it is hard to nail down something that is not already used. Do not use your current work email also.
  • Making claims with no backing them up: ok, you are a great manager but anyone can say that. Use examples to show what you are capable of not just making unsupported statements.
  • Listing your duties in the role: they want to know what was achieved, responsibilities are already implied by the job you were in.
  • Failing to target the job: all resumes should be tailored to reflect what the specific job you are applying to wants from you.

Discover the current resume format 2019 that you should be using for your application and get the interview that you need!