2018 Resume Trends you Should Know About to Impress the HR

2018 resume trendsThe first impression in your resume affects your application a lot that is why you need to make a better move in fully satisfying the employer. You need to make best resume templates 2018 that will be remembered by the hiring manager.

2018 Resume Trends Important Things to Remember

  • Breakaway text: In presenting your resume, you should present a visually engaging resume in maintaining the reader’s interest and will keep them in reading your resume. Using breakaway text will help the employer to know the essential details. Sometimes good text will get the attention of the readers so ensure you put the most valuable text in your resume.
  • Value proposition: Your resume should present your value proposition so that they will know who you are. The value proposition is a persuasive reason why should the employer interview you. If you want them to show why you should be the one to get an interview, show them what they are seeking for. You need to present what is the persuasive selling point related to your career history and experience.
  • Avoid too much keyword stuffing: When you read articles, there are keywords that they are using and you also need to follow it. You need to use the right keywords and do not use too much. There are lots of jobs out there and you should take time in reading and considering about the keywords to include.
  • Networking resume: You need to have a quick snapshot about your value proposition and accomplishments. You need to present an engaging resume that will give the employer a full picture of what you have and what you can do.
  • Visual engagement: A good resume is nice but you need to use graphics, layout and color. You need to use graphic design pieces, shading, borders, graphs, breakaway text and charts. You can able to provide a persuasive content is you use it.

2018 Resume Trends: Make Your Resume Best

  • Inclusion of video: It doesn’t mean that when you use video, it is not attractive. Sometimes, you can a strong complement out of it. You should only create a thirty seconds video wherein the hiring manager can already have a feel of your presence, personality as well as cultural fit.
  • Writing to audience: You should customize your resume according to the person you are applying for. Provide information what the recruiter wants to see and you need to position yourself differently for them to be satisfied.

Check out 2018 Resume Trends Examples

There is nothing wrong when you like to check out examples on the internet because it helps you to get started. Aside from knowing some valuable tips, you need also a guide. Examples can be a big help on your part.

This is your chance to convince the employer so do not your chance of getting an interview. Present a resume differently and present one that is one of a kind. Do your best and follow templates or check out examples.